Precise and powerful HFO piston technology from Japan to the world.


HFO ventilation can reduce premature baby and neonate.

HFO ventilation is recognized worldwide as an effective treatment for neonates and premature babies.

Perinatal mortality is affected by many things but ventilation plays a major factor in the hospital treatment. HFO (high
frequency ventilation) is a gentle ventilation method that is especially effective for neonates and premature babies.

Japan has one of the world’s lowest perinatal mortality

rates. One reason is adoption of the latest technology. Metran HFO ventilators are used in nearly 90% of NICUs in Japan and we are glad to be able to contribute to the high level of neonatal care in Japan.

HFO ventilation is gentler to the lungs

HFO ventilation provides sufficient and sustained exchange of gas when the stroke volume is smaller than the anatomical dead space.

HFO pressure waves are sinusoidal and symmetrical with respect to the mean airway pressure (MAP) axis. After passing through the endotracheal tube, the amplitude of the HFO pressure wave falls drastically upon entering the trachea so there is minimal pressure variation at the airway periphery near the pulmonary alveoli.

Compared with continuous mandatory ventilation (CMV), HFO ventilation has much less pressure swing at any MAP and this greatly reduces physical injury to the pulmonary alveoli.

Quality Certificates and Rewards

Technical Specifications

A powerful and precise piston generating oscillation


Humming Vue is a high value, full-featured, flexible pediatric HFO ventilator. Like previous Metran models, Humming Vue is a volume generator ventilator. It produces the precise stroke volume (SV) to obtain a specified amplitude pressure (∆P). SV is similar to tidal volume in conventional ventilation. A fixed SV is guaranteed no matter how the lung compliance changes.

The tidal volume which is delivered by the stroke volume of other ventilators becomes flat after the ventilator reaches a certain power or doesn’t have the power to provide higher tidal volume.

Remote SI

Even if you are not near Humming Vue, manual breath/HFO SI can be provided by a remote control.