Compact and light-weight device, only 580g (lightest in the
market) with built-in USB type memory-media and data
browsing function.


Quality Certificates and Rewards

Technical Specifications

Special features

Compact and light-weight device (only 580g, lightest model in the market).

Built-in USB type memory-media: USB type memory media can store all the data for clinicians; hence it is not necessary for patients to hand-carry the main device when visiting

Data browsing function: allows easy to use data browsing, printing and settings at a glance.

JUSMINE nasally allows continuous positive airway pressure therapy for patients who are suffering from SAS.

JUSMINE offers “automatic pressure setting” that features automatic change of the pressure setting based on patient condition, as well as “Delay Ramp” that provides comfortable sleep with gentle pressure, all which contribute high-quality sleep and effective therapy.

Gentle pressure variation allows a long-term use.

Rapid variation in pressure not only could disrupt sleep but also could cause unusual abnormal breathing pattern.

JUSMINE, as it targets safe use on a long-term basis, possesses its own proprietary algorithm. By avoiding rapid variation in pressure, it eliminates annoyance in sleep, and allows robust therapy.

“Automatic Pressure Setting” feature adjusts the initial pressure when starts operation on an everyday basis. When the initial pressure is set too high or too low, it typically disrupts sleep, and moreover, it could cause abnormal breathing pattern. Therefore, it automatically controls the initial pressure to adjust to the daily average pressure, enable patients to enter sleep with the pressure that fits to you the most. With the comfortable pressure, the machine tries to create a sleeping environment without stress.

“Delay Ramp” feature allows patients to enter sleep with gentle pressure: While it may be necessary to treat abnormal breathing, strong pressure in an initial stage could easily disrupt the entering of sleep. We feature and combine “Delay” functionality, which keeps the pressure for a certain period of time, and “Ramp” functionality, which gradually increases the pressure. Without dealing with strong pressure, patients can enter their sleep smoothly.


  • Product
  • Auto CPAP
  • Approval Number
  • 22000BZX00046000
  • Ventilation Mode
  • AUTO CPAP mode / CPAP mode
  • Pressure Range
  • 4 to 20cmH2O
  • Adjustable increment
  • 0.5cmH2O
  • Ramp Feature
  • 0 to 30min, 5min increment
  • Delay Feature
  • 0 to 30min, 5min increment
  • Delay Initial Pressure
  • 2cmH2O/4cmH2O
  • Dimensions
  • 73(H) x 119(W) x 195(D) mm
  • Weight
  • 580g
  • Power
  • AC100-240V(50/60Hz) DC12V