Anytime, anywhere, have a sweet sleep

JPAP was born in pursuit of comfortable breathing and unit portability.

Whether at home or on the road, this single device provides constant high quality of sleep.

We, Metran, are the manufacturer of mechanical ventilators that successfully developed and commercialized the world’s first High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) mechanical ventilator.

Applying an abundance of inventive technical capabilities and know-how that we have fostered in advanced medical fields throughout the years, JPAP is the result of our next-generation CPAP development.

Pursuit of greater comfort

JPAP offers Natural Support (NS)* feature that allows ideal customization conforming to a patient’s own breathing pattern and rhythm without changing prescribed therapeutic effect.

*NS feature allows adjustment and setting of the support level of inspiratory and expiratory phases respectively.

Hummax QE – Supporting sweet sleep with natural humidity

Featuring a breakthrough humidification system utilizing the characteristic of porous hollow fiber membranes.

The Hummax system provides an ideal amount of humidification to compliment the natural humidification provided by the nasal cavity. Our unique humidification system leads patients to a more natural and comfortable sleep.

• Hummax QE is the CPAP-specific humidification system based on the Hummax System – our proprietary breathing circuit system for critical care mechanical ventilators.

Usability – Superiority of compactness

The main unit is compactly designed to be put next to the pillow or to place in a variety of ways. Moreover, the whole system can be stored in a very compact fashion, which offers superior portability. At home or on the road, our system provides a high level of usability anytime, anywhere.

Quality Certificates and Rewards

Technical Specifications


• JPAP / CPAP unit

• JPAP / Controller unit

• JPAP / Power cord

• Hummax QE humidifier

• MicroSD card for data management

• Carrying case

• Instructions for use

Main Specifications

JPAP main unit specifications

The brochure may be revised or replaced by Metran at any time without notice.

We are the METRAN that has long been contributing to “Gentle Breathing” for neonates

Metran is the medical device developer and manufacturer that, in 1984, successfully developed the High Frequency Oscillation mechanical ventilator. In the same year, we took our first HFO ventilator “Humming Bird BMO20” to the world’s first large-scale clinical trial for HFO ventilation, called the “HiFi Trial” sponsored by the NIH – the United States National Institute of Health, and only our HFO ventilator was chosen as the preferred HFO ventilator for their clinical study among many competing developers and manufacturers around the world.

The “Humming” series HFO ventilators that we have developed based on our core philosophy of “Lung Protective Ventilation” have been installed and used in more than 90% of Japan’s NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) and contributed to Japanese premature neonatal care that is considered to be one of the world’s best.

From “Work of Breathing” to “Easy to Breath” – this invariant design philosophy has been applied to our JPAP development.