The next generation in HFO technology.
Production ended March, 2017


Easy operation, high visibility touchscreen, and improved safety HFO ventilation is recognized worldwide as an
effective treatment for neonates and premature babies.

Quality Certificates and Rewards

Technical Specifications

Pediatric HFOV

A revolutionary piston unit provides HFO up to 160 ml stroke volume and frequency for management of premature to
pediatric patients.

Quiet operation

The unique piston unit has lower noise than conventional units. Humming X is powerful but with the same quiet operation as Metran’s previous models.

High visibility touchscreen

A high visibility color touchscreen provides easy operation and easy setting changes. The ventilator can be operated by touchscreen or panel knobs.

Safer PTV

Monitoring of the patient data is a key tool for lung protection. Humming X provides patient triggered ventilation (PTV) through a proximal flow sensor and patient data monitoring. The ventilator automatically switches to flow assistance if the proximal flow sensor gets dirty or disconnected. This separate flow method increases safety.


FiO2 controlled gas can be provided by Jackson-Rees circuit or manual bagging by connecting them to the bagging port.

Chest movement sensors for HFO

The HFO oscillation can be monitored with 3 chest motion sensors for accurate measurement of HFO ventilation.

From intubation to weaning

With HFO, SIMV, CPAP and N-CPAP modes, Humming X provides complete respiratory care in one ventilator.

Battery backup

The ventilator automatically switches to battery power in the event of a blackout or power loss.