Our Technology

With a fusion of expert hardware and software engineering, we have opened up the future of mechanical ventilation. We possess the technological development capabilities that allowed us to successfully develop and commercialize the world’s only piston-type HFO ventilator.

Although there are different types of HFO ventilators available today, the piston-type oscillator is considered the most gentle and the safest approach to manage the respiratory needs of challenging patient scenarios, especially to treat the lungs of premature newborns. Metran is the only company in the world that has successfully realized the piston-type HFO ventilator. Accurate and stable control of the piston movement at the micron level allows our ventilators to cope with a variety of difficult clinical cases very precisely, even at the 900 oscillations per minute.

As typified by our Hummax System, we possess the hardware development capabilities that uniquely maximize patients’ comfort.

The Hummax system, with a hydrophobic fiber membrane inside the breathing circuit, allows control of temperature and humidity of inhaled gas. This membrane acts similar to the human mucous membrane, reducing the discomfort associated with the use of mechanical respiratory devices. Metran’s goal is to advance our development of devices that truly take account of patients’ comfort.

The software development capabilities that best optimize algorithms and other important elements of device software.

From state-of-the-art advanced medical treatment devices to home healthcare, software is the essential element for precisely controlling each medical device. Therefore, software development should achieve the proper and precise control allowing accurate reaction in case of rapidly rising or decreasing patient demands. Metran’s devices are equipped with proprietary software developed in-house, offering precise, reliable and safe control of the devices in various challenging cases.

Our Research & Development

In an effort to provide the highest level of technological development that is expected at the leading edge of medical practice. Exceptional communication and interaction is critically essential in research and development.

We are constantly striving to increase our knowledge by studying and learning leading edge research, by reading clinical papers and publications as well as participating in global medical standards meetings and clinical conferences. Moreover, through our close communication and interaction with clinicians who are playing a critical role in the front line of clinical practice, we are able to continually gather the important information that will assist in our research and development efforts. In some instances, we have the privilege of participating in clinical situations through our various collaborative research activities with teaching and research hospitals. We make all these efforts with the goal of developing ideal medical devices based on the real-world needs of the clinical theater. This has been at the heart of Metran since our founding, and will continue to drive our research and development efforts in the future.

We will develop products that respond to the needs of leading-edge medical practice.

It is the clinicians in the medical front-line that provide us with the needs for medical devices in the most realistic and compelling way. Those needs range from a device’s features to reliability and safety factors, to a device’s visibility and usability to ideas that could relieve a patient’s burden. We, from our engineers in the R&D team to our customer support and manufacturing teams, all listen to and understand each and every voice. This is possible because each of our employees gathers information and needs within and outside our organization, and collectively shares the “intelligence” on a constant basis. Also in today’s world, multi-purpose systemization but also simplification of medical devices is required. We see this as a new challenge to minimize the complexity of the ICU while providing all the information necessary for good care. With the help of our domestic and international collaboration partners, we will embark on this new challenge by using engineering expertise wherever it can be found.