Our mission

“We want to save lives” – This has always been our greatest motivation

In 1984, we successfully developed and commercialized the world’s first piston-type HFO (High Frequency Oscillation) mechanical ventilator. It was clinically evident that HFO ventilation would be superior to conventional methods, but the commercialization of HFO had always been considered extremely difficult. At the time, we said to ourselves, “if we can turn this into a reality, we can save so many premature newborn lives that no others can save today” – this aspiration drove us to take this difficult technological challenge where nobody else had succeeded.

Through repeated trial and error, we finally completed our first product. We took this product to be evaluated for use in the world’s first large-scale clinical trial for HFO ventilation, called the “HiFi Trial” sponsored by the NIH (the United States National Institute of Health), and was chosen as the preferred HFO ventilator over numerous other ventilators submitted by various manufacturers throughout the world. Since then, our HFO ventilators have been steadily evolving through our successive research and development efforts. We are enormously proud that our HFO ventilators have been installed and used in more than 90% of Japan’s NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) and contributes to Japanese premature neonatal care that is considered to be the world’s best.

As a critical-care medical device developer and manufacturer, we have absolute conviction in ourselves – our job is not to force patients to adapt to our technologies, but we must rather advance our technologies so that our products will coincide with what patients and their conditions require. It is our strong belief that the developer’s “heart” and “passion” can only make such an ideal a reality. With this in mind, we will continue our challenging journey.

Group Chairman, Metran Co., Ltd Kazufuku Nitta (Tran Ngoc Phuc)

Our Vision

From state-of-the-art critical-care medical devices to home healthcare and veterinary support, we will continue to support patients waiting for Metran’s “one of a kind” medical devices. Our desire is to develop products that can help people rejoice in human life, no matter what their medical condition.

It is an unfortunate fact that there are still many premature newborns in the world that pass away beyond help. There are also many patients who are having a difficult time just breathing at home every day. As well, there are countless people who are forced into uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable treatment while suffering from Sleep Apnea Syndrome. As we visit the front lines of various clinical scenes, we keenly feel that there are many various issues that need to be addressed for patients in an expeditious manner. In order for people to spend their lives in a comfortable and dignified manner, and for regaining healthy daily living, we have devoted ourselves to medical technology development that only we are capable of. From state-of-the-art critical care devices for the ICU, to homecare and veterinary support, it is our determination to spread our development expertise and products throughout the world to improve the quality of life of patients everywhere.

Metran possesses many inventive and innovative technical and development capabilities that allowed us to be the world’s first, and still Japan’s only, HFO ventilator manufacturer. We also possess an abundance of clinical and technological know-how that has been fostered through collaborative research in advanced medical fields. Most of all, we are a group of engineers who have a high level of “passion” that is vital to support clinicians who face difficult medical scenarios every day. We believe that because of these reasons, we have earned the respect and credibility of a great number of clinicians as well as various collaborative partners. We are dedicated to further advancing our product development and manufacturing capabilities, as well as expanding our business activity throughout the world. We look forward to working with our partners in collaborative development efforts, and will continue to give our utmost devotion to developing and producing the world’s best products.

Vice Chairman, Metran Co., Ltd. Shinichi Nakane