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  • 2020/08/27

Vietnam Golden Book 2020 Manufacturing Award.

The prestigious Golden Book Manufacturing Award organized by the Vietnamese government from 2016, was held for the 5th time this year.This time, 82 groups were given the Award. Among them 7 groups were given special recognition for contributing to the fight against COVID-19, including Metran’s Eliciae MV20 ventilator.In the face of the pandemic and the shortage of ventilation equipment in hospitals and clinics, Metran developed the Eliciae MV20 as ventilator with basic functions, ease of use, low-cost and robust solution.

For supply in Vietnam, Metran Vitec (Metran Japan’s Vietnamese manufacturing subsidiary) is responsible for the manufacture. Products from Vitec are now approved by the Vietnamese government for sales in Vietnam and for export under a Certificate of Free Sale.