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Metran Research and Development

We think that the highest priority for any medical device is its efficacy, reliability and safety. Because the critical components of Metran’s products have all been developed in-house, this ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. To accomplish this, we invest heavily into research and development, much more than are typical of any medical device firm, however small or large. And due to our close relationships with clinicians and critical care providers, we ensure that we strive to meet the exact needs of this changing market.


PistonThe horizontal magnet-joint piston of the Calliope Alpha significantly reduces drive noise when compared to other pistons. Even with the high output HFO capable of this device, our technology allows us to control the movement of the piston down to a resolution of 16 microns, or one-fifth the width of a human hair.

Rotary Valve

Rotary ValveThe heart of the R100. Because of this switching valve, which converts linear airflow into oscillatory airflow, high-capacity HFO can be achieved for adults.

Linear Motor and Piston

Linear motor and pistonFor the Humming V. A linear motor as the driving force, and a piston for high frequency oscillation (HFO)


DiaphragmThis converts the oscillatory airflow from the rotary valve into a smooth sinusoidal pressure waveform that becomes the basis for HFO

Breathing Circuit for Hummax (heated humidification system)

Breathing Circuit for Hummax (heated humidification system)This uses a porous hollow fiber polyethylene membrane. It eliminates the problem of insufficient moisture content in inhaled gas by providing humidified gas at a uniform relative humidity of 100%. Because heat and humidity is added gradually along the length of the breathing circuit, this significantly reduces rainout and under-humidification.

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