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Automatic CPAP System with Integrated Hummax Humidification

Providing a good night’s sleep any time, any place
At home or on the road, no need to miss a single good night’s sleep anymore.
With its small size, JPAP provides the same quality treatment everywhere.

Introducing the Natural Support (NS) feature to achieve full comfort 

Our experience of more than thirty years providing breathing support to ICU patients allowed us to develop Natural Support (NS).
NS allows the user to set different support levels during inhalation and exhalation, maximizing comfort in any condition.

Hummax QE
Breathing circuit integrated humidifier

Metran’s well-known porous-hollow fiber based humidification system inside the breathing circuit. Without any heating required, Hummax QE provides just the right amount of humidity for all-night comfort.


JPAP’s friendly shape and small size allows you to freely fit it in your bag during a trip or at your bedside every night.