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HummingV Production ended April,2008

Piston HFO/IMV ventilator for Neonate and Infant

Saving infant lives with the safety and comfort of HFO ventilation.
Production ended April,2008

Already widely recognized in Europe and the Americas for its effectiveness and safety, HFO ventilation has become required equipment in infant and neonatal intensive care units worldwide. With a highly reliable and safe linear-motor driven piston configuration for HFO operation as well as time-cycle pressure-limited ventilation (S)IMV, the Humming V represents the best-of-breed in dual-mode infant and neo-natal ventilation systems.
With the achievement and high praise offered to the Hummingbird series of HFO ventilators, the Humming V stands as the pinnacle of the series.


High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) Ventilation permits sufficient and sustained exchange of gas via ventilation of which the stroke volume (tidal volume) is smaller than the volume of anatomical dead space. HFOV technology has long been established in neonatal field and the following merits are well admitted.
Smaller pressure fluctuation within the thoracic cavity reduces the danger of tracheobronchial injury.
Smaller pressure fluctuation in the alveoli gives less variation of blood pressure and intracranial pressure.

Piston-Type HFO

The Humming V uses a piston-type (push-pull) HFO, which reduces the likelihood of air trapping since inspiratory and expiratory volumes are identical. The unit permits oxygenation of the pulmonary alveolus with clinician set values for inspired FiO2 and mean airway pressure.

Easy to operate, highly adjustable HFO settings

The Humming V’s piston-type HFO system uses independently adjustable values for both stroke volume and mean airway pressure. The amplitude of the airway pressure swings are measured and displayed making it possible to safely determine a new stroke volume and acquire immediate knowledge of the airway pressure variation as as result of the new setting.

4 Modes, One-Touch Selection

Ventilatory modes can be changed merely by turning the selector switch. Set values can be confirmed before changing the mode, making it possible to avioid excessive airway pressure.

Auto Sigh Functionality

HFO with Auto Sigh is a standard function. Stroke volume is precisely and immediately controlled to maintain MAP before the after a sigh.

HUMMING V Design for Safety and Security

High performance linear piston motor

The use of a newly-designed linear motor and control unit makes it possible to increase stroke volume to 50ml, further widening the application of HFO for respiratory care of the extremely small premature neonate to pediatric patients.

The BAM bar graph is highly reliable and easy to read

The high-resolution circular bar graph manometer not only assists in accurately reading changes in airway pressure, but also eliminates trouble due to secular change that tends to be more common in traditional mechanical manometers.

Auto airway pressure relief limits

Airway pressure safety limits and warnings are automatically preset for all HFO and IMV modes. These limits can be modified, but crossover setting of the limits is not permitted.

Impedance Valve

Impedance valve for controlling the flow of airway gasses during HFO and IMV operation. Fully supports not only standard humidifier/heater systems but water-chamber type humidifying/heating systems.

Adjustable mechanical over-pressure relief valve

A large mechanical pressure relief valve is located on the front of the ventilator’s main body.

External alarm display lamp

Easily recognizable, the large alarm display lamp is a standard feature.