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Calliopeα Production ended March,2017

Piston HFO/IMV ventilator for Neonate and Infant

Newly-evolved HFOV.
Production ended March,2017

Newly-evolved HFO

Enhanced MAP (mean airway pressure) now configurable up to 40cmH2
For a better respiratory care management, stroke volume is now adjustable in units of 0.2mL
Frequency is now adjustable between 5 to 17Hz for more accurate control

Piston HFO

Pressure oscillation generated by reciprocal movement of Calliopeα piston makes pressure wave sinusoidal, applying less strain on patient’s lungs.
Push-pull piston-type HFO reduces the likelihood of air trapping since inspiratory and expiratory volumes are identical (I:E ratio=1:1)
Horizontal magnet-joint design allows enhanced reduction of the noise and offers quiet operation and also improves serviceability.
Simple piston removal provides easy and convenient cleaning and sterilization

Accurate HFO settings

Stroke volume is now adjustable in 0.2mL units to make more precise the amplitude management.
PaO2 and PCO2 are independently controlled by mean airway pressure (MAP) and stroke volume respectively.

Reliable HFOV management can be performed by just three settings: Stroke volume, MAP and Frequency

Manual SIGH (Lung recruitment manoeuvre)

Sigh pressure for shorter and safer lung recruitment.
Sigh pressure is independently adjusted from the operating MAP and other settings, and is activated by just holding pressed the “Manual Breath” button.

Frequency is now available from 5 to 17 Hz and Sigh pressure can be adjusted independently from MAP setting.

PCV & PSV Features

Pressure control ventilation (PCV) in IMV mode is supported by pressure support ventilation (PSV) during patient’s spontaneous breathing.
Synchronization to patient’s spontaneous breathing reduces respiratory muscular stress, not only for assisted ventilation purpose but also for weaning support of the patients.

Original inspiratory and expiratory valves

Metran’s original Inspiratory and Expiratory valves offer high-speed and accurate flow control required in PSV, providing instant response for patient’s spontaneous breathing, and allowing smooth switch-over between inspiration and expiration cycles.

Three modes, one touch selection

Ventilation modes can be easily changed by just turning “one” single knob.

Calliope α Safe Design

Setting verification

An alarm activates every time a setting on the front panel has been changed. This safety feature ensures to alert the operator when any accidental change in setting occurs.

Impedance Valve

Impedance valve controls the inspiratory gas flow in both HFO and IMV modes. This allows our system to work with water-chamber type heated humidifiers as well as with our proprietary humidifier.

Electrical FiO2 Blender

Inspiratory gas oxygen concentration controlled by stepping motor and heat flow sensor has been newly implemented. It is adjusted without use of exhaust blow, eliminating unnecessary gas usage.