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Humming Vue

Piston HFO/IMV Ventilator for Neonates and Infants

Precise and powerful HFO piston technology from Japan to the world

Piston… the heart of our HFO

Our technology allows us to control piston movements at 13 micronslevel (a human hair is as big as 100 microns in diameter)

Humming Vue allows fine setting of stroke volume with a resolution as small as 0.2ml, an extremely powerful tool to manage the amplitude when treating very small babies.


Humming Vue is a high value, full-featured, flexible pediatric HFO ventilator.

As previous Metran models, Humming Vue is also volume generator device.

The parameter used is called Stroke Volume
A volume (SV) is supplied to produced the amplitude pressure (ΔP).

No matter what the compliance may change, a fixed SV is supplied.



In our endless quest for perfection Humming Vue piston technology has reached the top of the mountain, allowing guaranteeing that the volume delivered in every stroke is exactly according to the setting. No matter what the respiratory conditions may be, Humming Vue piston stroke volume is guaranteed.

The following graphs show how Metran piston technology has evolved during the last 30 years.

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Full support of conventional and spontaneous modes

Not only HFO, but also popular conventional and spontaneous ventilation modes are now available to provide FULL support from intubation to weaning of any patient.


VA (Volume Assured)
In addition to VC or PC, Humming Vue also has VA mode which is volume controlled ventilation with pressure correction.


Sync+ (Sync Plus)
Sync+ provides flexible respiration control, especially in neonate patients with sudden apnea episodes.
Sync+ will apply SP to patient spontaneous breathing during PC-SIMV.
In case of apnea, mandatory ventilation automatically starts.



Loops for Conventional and HFO modes
• Pressure/Volume
• Flow/Volume
• Pressure/Flow

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Singleparameter trend display



Double-parameter trend display and chronology of events



Trends from one hour to one week available



Flexible setting Monitoring parameters can be customized to match the ventilation mode.



360°alarm indicator Alarm indicator that can be seen from all directions.