Protective ventilation for our veterinary patients


A versatile ventilator that can be used for many animal
patients, from a mouse to a horse. Compos X allows
veterinarians to manage ventilation needs in a very safe way. Our ventilator is already widely used in veterinary hospitals both in Japan and overseas.

Quality Certificates and Rewards

Technical specifications

Tidal Volume Monitoring Feature

Whether during spontaneous or mandatory ventilation, tidal volume, along with inspiratory pressure, and PEEP values can be checked at any time on any breath. The Compos X compliance correction feature allows accurate measurement even during low flow conditions.

The Compos X incorporates a long-life flow sensor that can be washed and sterilized to ensure clean application.

Wide range of patients from mice to large animals

Ventilation type is pressure limited, time cycled. With the automatic flow rate correction feature, now it is possible to supply the patient with preset pressure and inspiratory time, regardless of changes in compliance or resistance.

Breath rate ranges from 1 to 255bpm, providing flexible support from spontaneous supported breaths to high frequency ventilation.

To avoid breath fighting, an incorporated SIMV feature will help to coordinate support to spontaneous breaths at the right time.

Enhanced alarm functions

High Airway Pressure, Low Airway Pressure, Power Failure and Circuit Failure conditions are always monitored and the corresponding alarms provide the user with information at a glance.

With the auto alarm setting function, forgetting to set an alarm is no longer a problem.

Airway pressure is measured by a high-performance pressure sensor. The bar graph shows pressure values at glance, making the new

Compos X more precise than the previous generation.

Independent jet ventilation circuit

The jet can be used for delicate ventilation management of small animals difficult to intubate.

Easy Maintenance

You can always count on a clean and sterilized flow sensor and breathing circuit by using EtO or autoclave.

Compos X is equipped with maintenance mode, aiming to provide an easy-to-use device.

PEEP became even easier to use

Setting range from 0 to 20cmH2O

Comparison between Pressure Control (PCV) and Volume Control (VCV) Ventilation

Compos X ventilator is a PCV type

It compensates the system to provide required flow for a set inspiratory pressure and inspiratory time.

In addition, tidal volume on every breath is measured and displayed to make operation safe.