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Request for expressions of interest for Metran COVID-19 Emergency Ventilator MV20

As per our news item posted on 2020/04/06 we are preparing for mass-production of a simple-but-effective, robust and inexpensive ventilator for emergency treatment. We have made significant progress regarding supply chain and manufacturing capacity for this product and would now like to ask for expressions of interest through the questionnaire below.

Before completing the questionnaire, we ask you to review our product description at the following link:

Eliciae MV20 Outline 20200414


Due to extreme constrictions in the supply chain, we will need to ask any buyers to contribute upfront to the cost of the ventilators at the time of placing a firm order. In addition we would urge any potential buyers to look into alternative and secure routes for shipping any items purchased to their location of use. There is interruption to the global shipping network, and some buyers are using charter planes to receive delivery of critical equipment.

It may take some time to respond to questionnaire submissions due to the huge number of enquiries we are receiving. But each of your enquiries are valuable to us and we will do our best to respond promptly.

Link to the questionnaire: Link to Metran questionnaire on Google Forms